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Cartagena Travel Guide What do to in Cartagena

Once a part of the Spanish Main, Cartagena is located on the very north of South America on Colombia’s coast. It is a unique combination of rich history and modern resort ambiance that makes the ideal vacation spot. Here Spanish colonial buildings and towering fortresses still stand within the original 16th century walls which enclose one of the oldest cities in the Western Hemisphere.

Cartagena, an affable, beautiful and hospitable city, that without forgetting its historical past plenty of viceroys, marquises and captains, gold traders and slaves, ladies and witches, inquisitors and heretics, presents its splendor at the world as the most attractive destiny of the Caribbean; it has an privileged situation, an invaluable historical value, calmed beaches, complete hotels and general services and its special mixture of architecture, nature and charming people that shows cultural treasures and cartagenians engagement to preserve identity expressions forged along so many years.

Cartagena de Indias, history, legend, breeze and ocean, charm and romance…..everything in just one place!

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Hotels in Cartagena

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